Hong Kong Station (Exit B2) - Tung Chung station (Exit D) - Asia World Expo (East Entrance)

35.2 km / 21.8 mi

This is a relatively flat run except for a gradual 40m climb up towards Lai King station and some stairs to get onto the Tsing Yi bridge.
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The Airport Express trains run along the same tracks as the Tung Chung Line, only diverging on the outskirts of Tung Chung to head out towards the airport. Given the amount of overlap, the Tung Chung Line and Airport Express have been consolidated to form one epic running route across four islands from the heart of downtown to Chek Lap Kok.

Asia World Expo to Hong Kong Station

Leaving the cavernous Asia World Expo building, work your way through the jumble of airport construction sites towards the town of Tung Chung. Here navigation will become much easier with over 10km of relatively straight running to get to Sunny Bay station (MTR option) or Lantau Link Toll Plaza (bus option) where you will need to take public transportation to travel over the Tsing Ma Bridge to Tsing Yi (details below). Running along the Tsing Yi promenade and over the bridge to Kowloon, you’ll feel dwarfed by the elevated highway and train tracks that run overhead. Climbing several flights of stairs to reach Lai King Hill Road, you’ll be rewarded with a fun downhill through Lai Chi Kok park. Now on the home stretch, you’ll run past many residential developments before finishing your run at Kowloon station. Take the MTR across to Hong Kong station to officially complete this epic route.

Hong Kong Station to Asia World Expo

Start your run by taking the MTR from Hong Kong Station to Kowloon station (Exit C) and follow the elevated walkways to Coronation Tower. Here you will descend to street level where you will run through residential and industrial areas of Kowloon, over a bridge and onto the island of Tsing Yi. A short run along the waterfront will take you to the Maritime Square Mall which houses Tsing Yi Station. From here you have the option to take the MTR or a bus to Lantau Island to continue the run (details below). Once on Lantau you’ll have a long run following the train tracks into the town of Tung Chung. Take a moment at Tung Chung Station to celebrate finishing the Tung Chung Line before continuing on over the bridge to Chek Lap Kok, winding your way through the ongoing construction to complete the Airport Express Line at Asia World Expo Station.

Shorter Options

Given the distance of this route, most people will choose to run it in segments. Kowloon station - Mei Foo station (6km) Mei Foo station - Tsing Yi station (5.5km) Lantau Link Toll Plaza - Tung Chung station (15km) Tung Chung station - Asia World Expo (6km)

Longer Options

If you think you’ll still be craving more distance after 35km, consider continuing your run from Hong Kong station along the waterfront, following the Island Line route.

Getting from Tsing Yi - Lantau Island

Since pedestrians are not allowed on the Tsing Ma Bridge, you’ll need to take public transit between Tsing Yi and Lantau Island. The easiest method is to get on the MTR at Tsing Yi Station and ride it one stop to Sunny Bay. Alternatively, if you want to run a bit further, head to Tsing Yi Rd West where you can catch the E31 or E42 bus which will take you across the bridge to Lantau Link Toll Plaza where you can alight to continue your run.


This route has several sections that you may find tricky to navigate if you have never visited them before. Read the sections below carefully to help keep you on track during your run.

  • Exiting Kowloon Station: Connected with Elements Mall, it can be challenging to figure out which exit to use. Follow the signs to Exit C. This will take you into Elements mall where you should take a short walk through the 'Wood' area and follow the signs to Jordan Rd and Austin Station. This will lead you outside to an elevated walkway, follow it northeast through and an elevated park before taking the stairs down near the building named ‘The Coronation’.

  • The Lai King Stairs: Right beside Lai King station, there is a set of stairs that connect Lai King Hill Road with Container Port Rd S. On Lai King Hill Road, right before Exit A of Lai King station, take the covered staircase leading down into a housing development. If you’re coming from Container Port Road S, you’ll see a big ramp leading to an elevated walkway which crosses the highway.

  • Tsing Yi Bridge:Follow the sidewalk. At one point you’ll cross under the bridge, hang a right and go up some stairs to connect with the sidewalk that runs along the bridge.

  • Cheung Tung Road:This road is straight and easy to navigate, however in most places there is no sidewalk. Run single file along the edge of the road and beware of traffic. Do keep in mind that this stretch of road has no shade and there is nowhere to get water between Sunny Bay and Tung Chung (12km), so be prepared, especially on hot days.

  • Around the Airport:There is currently a lot of construction happening at the airport so the route provided here may not accurately reflect the current configuration of the roads. Use your common sense, be careful of changeable surfaces and avoid running in traffic.