Hung Hom (Exit B1) - Sheung Shui (Exit C)

54.5 km / 33.9 mi

Other than a few staircases you’ll need to take to access elevated walkways, the only climb of note on this route is the 150m climb between Kowloon Tong and Tai Wai stations.
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Run from Victoria Harbour all the way to the mainland China border on this ultramarathon distance route through Kowloon and the New Territories.

Hung Hom to Sheung Shui

From Exit B1, cross the elevated walkway to Whampoa Street and make your way through the neighborhood to Oi Sen Path where the East Rail line trains will be passing right beside you. You’ll continue following the train tracks quite closely through to Kowloon Tong station where you’ll then part ways as the trains make their way through the tunnel, you’ll run through a series of public parks before getting onto Tai Po Road (run on the left-hand sidewalk) which you will follow through the country park and into the New Territories. From Tai Wai, the route follows the water all the way to Tai Po. Pedestrian paths will take you further north through small villages into Shueng Shui. While you’re close to the finish line, you’re not done running yet. Since Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations are closed to pedestrian traffic, you’ll run a 15km loop to pass as closely as you can to the stations before returning back to Shueng Shui to officially complete the East Rail line run.

Sheung Shui to Hung Hom

Starting in Sheung Shui, you’ll run a loop up to the border with mainland China to get as close as you can to Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations, before passing back through Sheung Shui to finally head south. Running through small villages in the New Territories, you’ll reach the waterfront in Tai Po and follow the promenade all the way into Tai Wai. Next you’ll climb up Tai Po Road through the country park and down the other side to Kowloon Tong. As the East Rail line emerges from its tunnel above ground, you’ll follow its path closely all the way to Hung Hom.

Shorter Options

Since this is such a long route, most people will break it down to run it in segments. Here are some options that you could use:

  • Hung Hom to Kowloon Tong: 5km
  • Kowloon Tong to Tai Wai: 9.5km
  • Tai Wai-Tai Wo: 16.3km
  • Tai Wo-Sheung Shui: 8.7km
  • Shueng Shui to Sheung Shui via Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau: 15.7km

Longer Options

Continue on the West Rail line route from Hung Hom, or bring your passport with you to cross into Shenzhen to run in the popular Shenzhen Bay Park.